Johnson Window Films

Comfort & Privacy

These times demand increased solar protection.  Home or office, it is all about reducing energy costs and consumption.  Professional solar control films from Johnson Window Films deliver energy savings and much more.  From a cooler, more comfortable interior to reducing glare and the fading of furnishings, Johnson films will immediately provide many long term benefits while remaining virtually invisible.  

Available Films:

Spectrally Selective: SUNLIGHT Clear Solar Protection

All Metallized: Sunset Bronze, Solar Silver, and Daylight Natural

Dual Reflective: Scenic View, Nightscape. 

Nano-Ceramic - Reflective Colors - Decorative: Architectural, Specialty Series


 American Standard Window Films

Vision, Comfort, Protection

American Standard Window Films offers the technology of the future, for today's energy-conscious consumer.

Available Films:

Solar Series: Legacy, Nature, Daydream, Sky, Illusion, Reflection, Moonlight, Horizon, Firewall

Protection Series: Safety, Anti-Graffiti

Design Series: White out, White Frost, Black Out, UV Clear, Removable White Frost, Removable Black Out


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