RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze 16fl. oz.
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RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze 16fl. oz.

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Rhino shine is a water based high gloss tire dressing
that will create an unmatched shine on your tires. Not
will RHINO SHINE produce a “wet look shine” it will also
offer UV protection to your tires. This formula will not
discolor rubber, and is very long lasting.

High Shine: Simply spray RHINO SHINE directly on your
tire, let dry to the touch. This method will create the
absolute highest shine possible.

Satin Shine: Spray RHINO SHINE onto a foam tire
dressing applicator. Wipe the foam applicator onto the
tire. Apply RHINO SHINE as needed onto the foam
applicator for the rest of the tire. Let dry to minimize

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