RHINO Soap Suds - Car Wash Soap 32fl. oz.
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RHINO Soap Suds - Car Wash Soap 32fl. oz.

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Soap Suds is a highly concentrated soap that
produces large amounts of foam and
encapsulates dirt particles to reduce the
chance of wash induced swirls and scratches

Cannon Application:
-Add 3-5 oz. of Soap Suds to your foam cannon
depending on the amount of foam you want
to achieve.
- Top the cannon off with water and shake
until mixed.
- Make sure vehicle is cool prior to application.
-Once Soap Suds is applied to the vehicle,
wash thoroughly with a soft wash mitt.

Bucket Application:
- Add 5-8 oz of Soap Suds to your bucket and
begin filling and agitating with water
-Once foamy, use a soft wash mitt to lightly
remove dirt off vehicle, rinsing mitt for every

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